Define chemistry in dating

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Define chemistry in dating

Although disclosures are good for relationship development, revealing too much too soon is not the best strategy.

Even in long-lasting marriages, partners tend to balance self-disclosure with some degree of secrecy.

So in terms of similarity, there can never be too much, if our goal is to develop satisfying partnerships.

Although being non-judgmental facilitates chemistry, my research has also shown that similarity between people is crucial.We followed up that study with a two-year analysis on high chemistry long-term married couples.We found the giddiest, happiest, most smitten older couples around and psychologically profiled them to find out which trait patterns exist to create lasting romantic chemistry.The results of these two studies were phenomenal and pointed to distinct traits critical for Rapport (that feeling that you've known someone forever, even when you've just met), Compatibility (agreement on age, location, religion, etc), and Romantic Chemistry (that 'clicking' feeling that makes romance seem obvious).As a result of those studies, e Chemistry is the only matching service with models for all three systems.

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Even those who enjoy going out and meeting new people eventually get tired of the repetition.