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Dns updating zone serial

An example: DNS update is often used with DHCP to automatically provide a hostname whenever a new IP-address is assigned by the DHCP server.

This section describes how you can setup Power DNS to receive DNS updates from ISC's dhcpd (version 4.1.1-P1). We're going to generate a key using the following command: # ls -l Kdhcp* -rw------- 1 root root 53 Aug 26 Kdhcpdupdate. IN KEY 0 3 157 FYhvws W1Zt FZq Wzs Mpqhbg== This concludes the changes that are needed to the dhcpd configuration file.

The default is no, which means that DNS updates are ignored by Power DNS (no message is logged about this! Change the setting to dnsupdate=yes to enable DNS update support. A list of IP ranges that are allowed to perform updates on any domain.

The default is, which means that all ranges are accepted.

Multiple entries can be used on this line (allow-dnsupdate-from=1.0/8

See Configuration options for what it does, but per domain.

An example: If a TSIG key is set for the domain, it is required to be used for the update.

The TSIG is extra security on top of the ALLOW-DNSUPDATE-FROM setting.

Tell Power DNS to forward to the master server if the zone is configured as slave.

Masters are determined by the masters field in the domains table.

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