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Double dating men with wife cuckold

We both saw her chilling out reading magazines in the sun room so we went over to knock on the window when she started freaking out. We ended up hiding in the bushes until he was out of the way lol Once he was gone we got back to business, she wanted me bad and begged me to cum inside her sweet pussy. Watch this full video here Here’s a set from Bull Rico Shades hooking up with wifey Raven Black. I’d been seeing this girl Suzy, a bored housewife from Manchester a few times in London when she’d been down with her husband on business.

Well she called me Sunday last week and told me to get up to this posh golfing resort.

Two weeks before his birthday she caught him looking at some porn site in the middle of his night with his Vienna-sausage beat to hell.

Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content.Before long we were openly groping her and her husbands flushed face got redder when I made her suck my cock in the backyard.Soon after we took the mattress from their guest room bed and tossed it onto the dirty garage floor.I watched my big cock get smothered between her thick ass cheeks as if it were a gigantic bratwurst smothered a hogie roll. After everyone had run a train on her ass I took turns pumping her pussy then her ass.Just as I was about to blow, I pulled out of her pussy and jammed my cock up her ass.

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Eventually she caught my eye and I slowly went over and asked her for a drink.