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can cost you After their insistence on authenticity, decoy collectors tend to fly their own routes.

Many collectors, for instance, only scope out decoys of local bird populations.

"The optimum is a decoy that was made for hunting but never saw service," Nancy says.

Too fine, though, and collectors should begin to suspect foul play.

And don't be put off if you find a bird with a few pocks in its side.

"They are in their own sort of way vernacular sculpture and folk art," Nancy explains."They are a quintessential American art form, with pleasing sculptural qualities," Nancy says."They were being made even before the white man came to our shores." Nancy's referring to the decoys that Native Americans used to snag birds.I don't want you to be unhappy with anything you purchase. You can use your credit card, just click "pay as a guest" or call in your order.Ordering & Payment Options You can place orders on-line or over the phone. International customers please visit; Just look at the feathers on this guy! Full of 18's, 20's and smaller, sizes, this one's a find. To see other colors I have available, please visit my page; Feathers the like you've never seen before. If you're tying saltwater patterns, these are a must.

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I played football and baseball on HS and am an Eagle Scout.

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