Elite black dating sites Damala sex

Posted by / 20-Jun-2020 06:07

I am very disappointed that this can be allowed to happen. You won’t need it though because there are literally like twenty people on there you can choose from. I stopped using it after a month because not a single man on there had hair.

The whole site is a money making fraud, so let the buyer beware.I am not even that desperate, but I wanted to use a site with a more "targeted" approach.The problem is that only bald men in their 50's- 90's, (yes I was sent a match of a dear old man of 88).They need to spend money on fixing their site rather than on more false advertising. Have requested a full refund on the basis of false advertising and let's hope I get it. Paid for a dating website hopefully offering more matches in common with me (educated, successful late 30’s girl). Then most people on there aren't active users as they are sensible enough not to pay over the 0 for a months membership as they probably already found the same, no sane person joins this site.I thought eharmony was bad, but this takes the cake. When I questioned Elite as to why they felt it appropriate to send me old man matches, they told me apparently us women don't mind physically repulsive old partners, nicely sexist huh?

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If they have done this to you, as they did to me, you need to ask for a cancellation straight away, within the "3 day cooling off period" stated in their written "Terms and conditions" on page 10.