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Pub Med Davis, Lynne C; Sherer, Mark; Sander, Angelle M; Bogner, Jennifer A; Corrigan, John D; Dijkers, Marcel P; Hanks, Robin A; Bergquist, Thomas F; Seel, Ronald T 2012-08-01 To investigate the predictive value of preinjury factors for satisfaction with life (SWL) at post-TBI.

Application Fees: Marathon, Half Marathon and 'Endo' Walkathon€35.00 for applications & fees of January.



Cheques must accompany a printout of the filled in application form or a printout of the email received acknowledging that the application form has been processed otherwise the cheque could be sent unaccompanied as long as the Application Code received by email is written on the back of the cheque.

When paying the application fee by bank transfer, the Application Code must be included in the transaction details of the bank transfer.

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Community-dwelling persons (N=444) with moderate to severe TBI aged 16 to 64 years enrolled in the TBIMS program between October 2007 and October 2008 with follow-up data. In contrast, the preinjury functioning (education, productivity/employment) and preinjury condition (psychiatric and substance use problems, severe sensory dysfunction, learning problems, prior TBI) blocks each contributed significantly to the explained variance in SWLS scores.