Equally yoked dating service

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Equally yoked dating service

They can wait for matches from Aguiar, or they can browse online themselves through profiles at a members-only site.

Aguiar, who calls herself the "head cupid" of CSO, recently announced the agency's 15th wedding. "I feel the Lord somehow gets people to my Web site, or moves them to call me, and I just help them along." Some people object to services like these, saying they reduce an important decision such as marriage to simply shopping for a mate.

So why are Christian singles stepping outside of traditional venues to find soul mates?

And how can those who use dating services look for love without finding trouble?

Before long she had developed her own company, Christian Singles Online (CSO), advertising it as the first Christian dating service on the Internet.

Her clients fill out detailed applications, including questions about their religious preferences in a mate.

Are these the best ways to find a mate who loves Jesus?

In this new branch of his business, Carmel has already encountered age discrepancies, false addresses and even a possible mob connection, but "plenty of times we do a search and nothing out of the ordinary is found," he says.

But can a background check backfire and provide a stranger with too much information about you?

Saturday night hits, and it's time to get ready for your hot date with that special someone.

There's no need to dress up; your favorite jeans will do.

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