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century buildings, walls, and plentiful infrastructure are all very well-preserved, so much so that Tallinn has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you live in this timeless city, you are already surrounded by the air of romance.

The traditional dinner-and-movie dates are so boring that they only make you yawn.

A typical dinner date is best characterized by two awkward strangers sitting opposite to each other at a dinner table in a restaurant.

For those who enjoy fitness or running, an annual event that you may find appealing is the held each year in September.

You could sign up to compete, or you could go just to watch.

City parks are always a great option for socializing, as parks draw out all kinds of people from every walk of life, and anyone relaxing in the park is likely to be approachable, as they won't be in a rush to get anywhere.

You can learn about everything from the very first Estonian settlements, to life in the Middle Ages, to the Soviet Occupation of Estonia, and the country's eventual fight for independence and gaining sovereignty.There are lots of groundbreaking films to watch, as well as several awards given out.Film buffs show up in larger numbers and you’ll meet attractive single women here.One venue to check out is This is an especially good choice for anyone who enjoys craft beer, as that is what this bar is known for.This spot also always has a lively a social atmosphere, perfect for putting yourself out there and making new friends.

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The park was constructed in the Baroque style and it is filled with fountains and abundant flower gardens.