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You might even think I would have been inured to humiliation.This encounter at Cooper Union, after all, paled in comparison with the 445-page Starr Report, which was the culmination of independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s four-year investigation of the Clinton White House. Queen” question—which was included in the show when it aired on HBO in 2002—sat with me for a long time after the audience left and the taping wrapped.As always, I put on my best “I’m friendly, not a diva” smile. Monica Lewinsky here to see So-and-So.”The twentysomething receptionist pushed her black-rimmed hipster frames up her nose. A phone conversation with my mother shifted the lens through which I viewed my world.

We may not have become a crueler society—although it sure feels as if we have—but the Internet has seismically shifted the tone of our interactions. Or, in the inescapable phrase of our 42nd president, “That Woman.”It may surprise you to learn that I’m actually a person.

No one, it seems, can escape the unforgiving gaze of the Internet, where gossip, half-truths, and lies take root and fester.

We have created, to borrow a term from historian Nicolaus Mills, a “culture of humiliation” that not only encourages and revels in Schadenfreude but also rewards those who humiliate others, from the ranks of the paparazzi to the gossip bloggers, the late-night comedians, and the Web “entrepreneurs” who profit from clandestine videos. We can tweet a revolution in the streets or chronicle achievements large and small.

After 10 years of self-imposed reticence, and now hoping to help victims of Internet shaming, she critiques the culture that put a 24-year-old through the wringer and calls out the feminists who joined the chorus.‘How does it feel to be America’s premier blow-job queen? I was sitting on the stage of New York’s Cooper Union in the middle of taping a Q&A for an HBO documentary. The main reason I had agreed to participate in the program was not to rehash or revise the story line of Interngate but to try to shift the focus to meaningful issues.

Many troubling political and judicial questions had been brought to light by the investigation and impeachment of President Bill Clinton. People seemed indifferent to the deeper matters at hand, such as the erosion of private life in the public sphere, the balance of power and gender inequality in politics and media, and the erosion of legal protections to ensure that neither a parent nor a child should ever have to testify against each other.”“It’s hurtful and it’s insulting,” I said, attempting to gather my wits.

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Meanwhile, I watched my friends’ lives move forward. In 2006, I graduated with a master’s in social psychology.

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