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Or what if a drop of water were trickling down the trunk of the tree?The water in motion would be alive, but the motionless tree trunk would be.They have the same secondary sex traits - as species-specific as you can get.Only their males have much facial hair, and their females often have bodacious figures. This leads to some speculation that they may be of Earth Human descent.This is partly because it is not clear what we would fight them over, and partly because they may have an alarmingly high TECHLEVEL, making war with them a dangerously one-sided proposition. See COSMIC BACKGROUND HISTORY.2) Aliens with Forehead Ridges.Much more common - especially in HOLLYWOOD SCIFI - than Really Aliens, these are species that look almost exactly like Earth Humans, except for some distinguishing visible feature such as, well, forehead ridges, or odd-shaped ears, or whatever.Exosemanticists have their work cut out understanding them, and exopsychologists in figuring out what they're all about.Relations between humans and Really Aliens are necessarily limited, since we have so little in common with them.

In written SF, the KNOWN GALAXY seems increasingly to be inhabited only by Earth Humans.

Only rarely will anybody get to know one on a personal level.

TRADE with them is sporadic, and even WARFARE seems less frequent than it used to be in the GOLDEN AGE.

Convergent evolution might well produce a generally humanoid body plan, just as sharks and dolphins have a similar overall configuration.

But Aliens with Forehead Ridges have much more than a general similarity to Earth Humans.

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Sometimes they look rather less like humans, in which case (if friendly) they often resemble large teddy bears.

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