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Goth dating in quad cities

Le Vent Souffle Ou Il Veut (The wind blows where it may) Part 1 "Drink up, girls. " It was serendipitous how easy everything seemed to come-pot, alcohol, and more. I was surrounded by kids smoking and drinking, just having a good time during the intermission.

I'm not sure how much time passed as I faded in and out of consciousness in this manner - at some point I was aware of arriving at the concert, but too late to see Hydra, the opening act.

I understand they were a late replacement for Blue Oyster Cult.

The promoter should have been shot putting them in with Sabbath." "Trouble followed shortly after Skynyrd's set when there was about at least an hour delay possibly more. Sabbath finally came out and Ozzy warned everybody he was sick with a cold. Since then tape has been eaten by tape decks a few times.

This was to occur in California after the summer of this most adventurous year!

"Le Vent Souffle Ou Il Veut" ("The wind blows where it may") Part 1 is an excerpt from "The Incredible Adventures of Mischa" by Michele Dawn Saint Thomas Rob Dwyer's Black Sabbath gigs lists on have this info: "Bedlam (with Cozy Powell), Lynyrd Skynyrd [replaced B. C.], Blue Oyster Cult [cancelled] - Rescheduled from 3/8" However, other than that, I'd had no other indication that BOC were ever scheduled to have played this gig.

Despite the mention on the above flyer, I had been previously led to believe that there had only been just the one gig at the Ambassador Theatre (on the 23rd March) but the following review featured in the 23 March 1974 issue of the St.

Here's further proof that BOC cancelled and were replaced by Skynyrd: Boris Badenov - Jul 22, 2016 PM Reminds me of the time in Feb 1974, when we booed Lynyrd Skynyrd off the stage when they opened for Black Sabbath at Nassau Coliseum. There's a time and a place for everything, and sometimes it's other times and other places. with the Southern Drawl, they cockily stated, "This next song's Gonna Be a Hit! So they played Sweet Home Alabama, which was a disaster.

Regarding the running order, I was able to work out what I think is the correct order as the contract asked Skynyrd for a 45 minute slot starting at 7.30pm - so they obviously opened.

Rare Earth would always headline over BOC back then, so BOC were obviously on second.

I only know of the existence of this gig because Lynyrd Skynyrd's contract for the gig went on ebay in June 2016.

The contract mentioned the other bands on the bill were BOC and Rare Earth.

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I did also see somebody on the floor with a reel to reel recorder." "Bedlam, Cozy Powell's band, opened the show.