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We encourage you to find a book that interests you and carve out a few minutes every day to read at least a few pages.

You'll be amazed at the difference it will make in your journey toward success!

And the methods--calling a person by his or her name or looking at the situation from the other's point of view--work in business and in personal life with family and friends. Though he credits many people for inspiring his ideas, his methods are the foundation for many of today's personal-development and business-management books. And money, or the lack of money, plays a large role in people's ability to handle life's ups and downs.

Perhaps that's why, in the 1920s, banks and insurance companies decided to distribute short parables written to educate people on important financial principles. Clason began in 1926 as a series of pamphlets, the most famous ones later compiled into one of the best-loved money guides of all time.

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Napoleon Hill, inspired by business legend Andrew Carnegie, spent 20 years of his life studying the lives of some of history's most successful people.

The culmination of his research was the in-depth series, , founded on the same philosophies of success.

Suze Orman (Crown, 1997) As a financial expert, Suze Orman offers advice on the nuts and bolts of managing money.

But whether you're watching her on television or reading her advice in , her message is clear: Wealth is an attitude and money isn't the key to acquiring true financial freedom.

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25 Quotes About Success You might wonder why your favorite book didn't make the list.