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When you have a clear idea of the value of the property, you can make an offer and begin negotiations.

This is usually done through the buyer's and seller's estate agents.

In the Netherlands, it is common to have both a buyer's agent and a seller's agent.

The seller's estate agent fees will be paid by the seller, otherwise, all fees are typically handled by the buyer.

No restrictions are placed on foreigners for buying a house in the Netherlands, but you should know the quirks of the Dutch housing market before buying your Dutch home.Dutch law requires that a notary must perform the property registration process.The costs will vary and may be a percentage of the property price, a per-hour charge or a fixed fee.Dutch estate agents are called When you buy an apartment, although you own the flat itself outright, you only own a share or a leasehold in the building and/or the land it stands on.As a result, buying an apartment can be more complex than buying a freehold property.

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Budget approximately 6 percent of the purchase price for fees and charges.