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Harry potter fan dating site

The 24-year-old Hollywood star still has an army of devoted female Potter fans who hang on his every move.

A Harry Potter fan made a magical discovery when she bought three first edition books in a charity shop for just £3 each.

And each of The brothers decided to send letters to Harry, warning him, congratulating him, threatening to kill him, take away his manhood… And Ginny and Hermione are not too happy about this letters, especially Ginny.

Story Line- This is after the HBP moment with Harry and Ginny and Ron sends letters is all of the Weasley brothers (except Percy, git).

The Harry Potter star has always found love among his fellow actors.

Harry Pipeline is a series of niche novels written by Pakistani architect J.

" All the muggle-borns laughed, knowing exactly what a spork was, some boys looked sorry for Ron.

Suddenly total silence fell in the Great Hall; even the teachers looked up to see what is the cause of this act. By chance, should your brothers have something to do with sending Harry a Howler? compared to Ginny, Hermione was very calm."RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY! Weasley," I SWEAR ON MERLIN'S BEARD IF THAT LETTER IS FROM ONE OF OUR BROTHERS, I WILL CASTRATE YOU WITH A PLASTIC SPORK!

All these names were so creatively made up by Draco Malfoy." Replied Harry, throwing a piece of toast at Ginny."You could have at least buttered it. Harry smiled and kissed her gently and helped himself to some breakfast."Please, keep the mouth-to-mouth to a minimum. Dumbledore smiled, he were happy that Harry found someone strong and who would be willingly to stand up next to his during the war. He never told Harry this but during his life in Hogwarts every Potter he met always, in the end, married a redhead."Ginny, classes are about to start.

Sure, let's not forget Scarhead, Potty and 'The Boy who Scored'. " Ginny remarked, taking a bite of the toast, that was so kindly offered to her. I'll stop when he passes out I will castrate with this Spork! ""Because he upset because Harry is my new boyfriend," she answered calmly, picking up her Spork.

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