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“I think technically that’s accurate: There is one health care system.

But ethically I don’t think it is accurate,” said Dr.

“There is no reason under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), or any other policy, [that] a clinician or administrator with access to a person’s health record should not have access to the whole record.

This means when a former beneficiary joins a uniformed service, clinicians may have access to the [non-active duty] components pre-dating the period of active service.” He said the practice of combining the dependent medical record with the service member treatment record has been in effect since Do D began using the electronic records system in 2004, but the policy was put into place in 2010.

“If I, as a 13-year-old, go in and know that if I say anything that can be used to disqualify me from the military, that’s one thing.

But it’s another thing if I’m just seeking treatment because I’m in distress and my parents are trying to do the right thing for me, and then later on that’s used to disqualify me without me knowing, and without me being told at the MEPS station,” she said. It seems to be counterproductive to recruitment if the policy is not the same for kids outside the military family and inside.

Recruits are asked at the stations about medical issues that could disqualify them from service; if they indicate any, they’re asked to provide an explanation, along with doctor and/or hospital names.

Puzzled, the family requested Juliet’s medical records and discovered notations that included “suicidal gesture.” They began to clarify the record in the process of seeking a waiver for Juliet to reenter the Air Force.

She informed her recruiter that those records included mention of “self-mutilation” — a diagnosis she and her family reject, and one that wasn’t passed on to the family at the time it was made.

add Size([1050,200], 728,90],[970,250],[970,90). By seeking counseling for their two teenage daughters as their family coped with multiple moves and multiple deployments to Afghanistan, an Army major and his wife unwittingly prevented both girls from following their father, their grandfather and their great-grandfather into military service.

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Neither the parents nor the daughters knew there were notations like “suicidal gesture” or “self-mutilation” in their counseling files.

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