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I love pear dominant perfumes but I was a bit disappointed because I was waiting for lots of strawberry sparkle but I couldn't detect it when first that it's in drydown stage I can find a hint of strawberry,raspberry thing but it's mostly flowers,vanilla and's such a soft,pleasant and feminine drydown.

They all have their special aura and they are little bit incomparable to other perfumes and they are very expressive and sharp for example decadence. But if you are a grown woman and you like when the perfume express your personality and everyone smells you and your personality in the room... As for this being aschooler/college girl scent, I disagree. A clean one, ready for take off, or the hot towel they give you before a long night flight. Anyway, it doesn't last long and doesn't go passed your personal space. It starts delicious with raspberry and strawberry to become fresh and bright peony to eventually create a warm and comforting vanilla base. I heard her new boyfriend sells pot to the kids on campus. is what her mom says with a worried frown whenever she hears of her eldest daughter's antics.

I think that can be used by nearly anyone, along with teens, as a casual day scent, as a flirty on a date scent. My colleague wore this today and walked behind me, she told me it was Oh Lola. It's not a bad scent, it just reminds me so much of a clean airplane. //edit: I sat next to her today, and sprayed once on my shirt, throughout the afternoon I had intense nausea (the day before I thought it was fragrant and my headache was due to hunger or something). I also get something minty in it, not sure what it is. The baby of the family, Dakota, is the one who dutifully reports them (Lola and Dakota have always been very different but inseparable and talk on the phone daily.

fragrance is designed to refresh the upcoming hot summer days, described as "lively, playful, irresistible, stylish and cheerful.

The signature Lola bottle has retained its original design, updated with pink color palette. It's been a while that I'm struggling to find marc Jacobs perfumes that I can like because I want to have their gorgeous bottles in my only one I have right now is decadence which I like a lot.

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