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How to find husband on dating websites

Online is just a way to meet people, it is depend on the two persons if they want to make it works. My husband was single and never been married before, no kid and I was in college.

He sent gifts, flowers..did not feel like we were online. His family called and my parents started to believe him too. When my friends asked me who was the groom, I told them he was coming and I had not met him yet, they were almost died to hear it. He is the same person as he told me online and I am the same girl as he would imagine. Sometimes I could not believe I could marry to someone I met online, it would be a sad story for me if he did not come and I would be a shame to my family and friends but I made a right decision. If you feel something is not right, it is not right but if everything feels so perfect, then go for it.My friend also met her husband online for 3 months and they got married. I know so many couples meeting online because I am one of them. That is seriously the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard.I also know couple that does not work and broke is part of life. We have been together 2.5yrs and are have a beautiful vintage/garden wedding in September. Wrongs in disguise online before I found my prince charming. What will happen statistically speaking is you will meet, move very fast and within 3 years (a year earlier than typical "traditional" hook ups) you will fail----miserably.I know there are more bad people online then good, but it still happens.I don't know about other people, but for myself, my husband and I have been married for 5 years now and we still feel happy about each other. I dated 2 guys before him but these two were real life boyfriends.

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He came to meet me in person and we were engaged 3 days later while he was in my country. I was on yahoo messenger forum to just play around and chatting with friends. He did not speak my language but he was curious to go to that forum and he talked to me and he was surprised that I could speak English fluently while no one else in that forum could. I gave him my number without hesitate after 4 hours of chatting.