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Infrared wireless port when updating

A diode D1 and a capacitor C2 insure a stable supply of voltage from a power supply J1 to the microprocessor 40 even during high current demand cycles which may occur during transmission of IR code signals.A second diode D2, a series connected lithium battery 60, and a parallel connected capacitor C3 provide backup power for maintaining the data in the RAM of the microprocessor 40 when power is withdrawn.Description of the Related Art Including Information Disclosed Under 37 CFR §§ 1.97-1.99.This circuitry enables the infrared generating and transmitting device 12 to be constructed as a separate add-on unit which can be externally attached electrically, for example, to a standard printer port (30 or 32) of the PDA 10.

The IR code generating and transmitting device of the present invention coupled to or incorporated into a PDA expands the usefulness of the PDA by enabling same to be used for direct remote control of IR activated devices such as video (TV and VCR) and audio (CD and cassette player) equipment as well as IR activated home automation equipment.Commands from the host PDA are supplied through the parallel interface 44 to the microprocessor 40.A 36 pin industry standard interface connector 78 is provided and is often referred to as a "Centronics" interface after the name of the first manufacturer to propose its use.Wireless communication can be provided for communicating via an infrared transmitter, cellular phone or data packet radio whereby E-mail, faxes and voice messages can be downloaded.A parallel interface 44 is provided which is coupled between the microprocessor 40 and a host microprocessor of the PDA (not shown).

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