Interracial dating washington dc

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Interracial dating washington dc

However I often find myself criticizing successful black men who seem to only date white women.I know it seems quite a hypocritical position to take (pot calling the kettle black!Even more surprising to us, was that three of the five were comprised of white men and black women. I worry that dating a white guy may adversely affect my son.

We need to make sure we have stable loving relationships with our spouses. I appreciate your perspective and wonder if I could ask what your thoughts are on the statistic quoted in the article regarding the percentage of black men with white women (I believe 73% of black/white relationships? As a person who is currently in a serious relationship with a white man, I embrace your motto!

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Read more: Single black women being urged to date outside race ____________________ Karyn Folan: Thanks to all of you who have taken the time post questions and comments.

I also think, however, that the black community RELIES on black women.

And there's a perception that there will be real problems if too many black women date or marry outside of it.

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