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Intimidating a witness nc

Posturing villains with bad intentions, shadowy wild cards with their own agendas, heroes who would do anything to save each other. Pairings: Lucius/Harry, Draco/Hermione, Snape/Ron, Snape/Harry Categories: Darkfic, Violence Notes: Warning: All non-con, mostly cross-gen, and most of it very nasty. If you don't find this erotic, then you're probably not the audience. This was supposed to be about rape, and revenge, and power and powerlessness--it was not supposed to be about sex, his mind cried out, howling at the unfairness of it. He might be, yes, still a virgin, but for some reason (you know why, some part of him hissed, if you get hung up on that you think you won't think about everything else that's going on) Lucius's accusing him of not having the faintest idea chafed. Before Harry could even start to get up Hermione had downed a mouthful of the potion. You may consider this an AU where the main characters are a bit older than their canon ages circa the events in question. It wasn't as if he hadn't thought about sex almost constantly this year; he was right in the middle of bloody puberty, he'd been thinking about it more than bloody Quidditch. all right, not exactly sex, it was a little more vague than that. What made her own eyes widen like that, made her look at him and say: "No. Ron saw it too, and yelled, but then they saw Hermione shudder, gagging (fuck, it tastes bad, it MUST be healing potion, thought Harry), and saw the bruise on her cheek, and the one on her jaw, fade into the peach of her skin--it did look rather peach now, as opposed to the sallow color that had marked her features a moment ago--and her hair was still a wreck and her clothing a mess, but even in the way she sat straight up, they saw that she must have been in more pain than she had admitted to, and that that was gone. like a deposed queen standing to hear her death sentence. Ronnie Patterson announced at a forum that drug dealers didn’t want him to leave Red Springs as he was “fair” to them as police chief.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A man who recently bonded out of the Brunswick County Detention Center after his arrest for child pornography is now wanted for attempted rape, kidnapping, and a slew of other charges. But on Friday, Zober was arrested for second degree sexual exploitation of a minor.After all, other candidates have promised the same though with less flare.But with most campaigns finding their funding dwindling, leaving only a couple of frontrunners, another campaign created a newsworthy contrast this past week.If Patterson is saying he is a kind and fair man to all, then that’s fair.But it would be another odd strategy for any campaign to claim being the drug dealer’s choice for sheriff.

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So if you’re a local political history buff, stay with me for second, as things seem to never change.

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