Investment banker online dating spreadsheet

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Being an Investment Banker, you are attached with a tag of being a financial wizard and a symbol of financial success.

This tag brings in a lot of prestige and gathers a lot of attention when anything in finance is discussed.

But again the risks involved are greater than working as an investment banker.

Hence, investment banking can be a safe bet when it comes to compensation.

With high salaries, you could very well have enough money to visit luxury hotels in exotic islands, gobble on some fine food and wine.

Several people enjoy being able to live a rich person’s routine life such as attending art exhibitions, hang out and spend time with the fat cats.

Such usually get into investment banking as soon as they complete their financial degrees in the university.

I am not the only one who finds Dave The Finance Guy Who Kept Track Of His Dates On A Spreadsheet adorably well-organized.

One of the ladies he met off of is now defending Dave’s speadsheet o’ ladies, which leaked to the press earlier this week— and she’s pissed at the woman who leaked the list in the first place.

What I am referring here is a kind of background and surrounding they come from which urge people to get into investment banking.

Most of their family members and friends belong to hedge funds, investment banking and hence are motivated to follow suit.

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An Investment banker life is considered to have long working hours, working on weekends, lot of hard work and little sleep. This write up on investment banker life will help you know the following I would not be wrong to say that the candidates today are quite mesmerized by the image of an investment banker.

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