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This has been disproved by papyri where it appears that only Jews or Jewish military units, who were incorporated into Macedonian units, were termed "Macedonians" (compare Tcherikover, Corpus nos. The Jews, unlike the Greeks, were not granted a (a constitution by which they had the right to observe their ancestral laws).

Individual Jews were granted citizenship occasionally by the polis or the king, or by managing to register in a gymnasium. From the papyri of Faiyum and Oxyrhynchus it seems that the majority of Jews did not use the right of recourse to Jewish courts, but attended Greek ones even in cases of marriage or divorce.

Alexander's successors in Egypt, the Ptolemid dynasty, attracted many Jews early in their reign to settle in Egypt as tradesmen, farmers, mercenaries, and government officials.

During their reign Egyptian Jewry enjoyed both tolerance and prosperity.

In the the Hellenization was not so strong, but there the Jews were influenced by the native Egyptians.

Documents testify to Egyptian names among the Jews, and sometimes to an ignorance of Greek (presumably these Jews spoke Egyptian).

8), but generally it relied on the Greeks of Alexandria for help, which fact caused a great rift between the Jews and the rest of the population early in their rule.

They became significant in culture and literature, and by the first century Philadelphus (283–44) emancipated the Jews taken captive by his father and settled them on the land as cleruchs or in "Jew-Camps" as Jewish military units.

He was remembered by the Jews of Egypt as having instigated the translation of the Septuagint (see Letter of Aristeas ; Bible : Greek translation).

From that time began a long struggle by the Alexandrian Jews to confirm their rights.

The works of writers such as Josephus () and Philo (Vita Moysis ) contain a defense of Alexandrian Jews' rights.

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[By: Encyclopedia Judaica] Egypt, centered along the banks of the River Nile from the Mediterranean coast southward, is a land rich in both biblical and contemporary Jewish history.

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