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Without question, Socialized Medicine is the greatest opponent of the free enterprise system of delivering health care. But I prefer to think we are gathering strength and tooling up for the fight of our lives.There- fore we sought to identify this “system” and I will put it in quotes, not out of respect for, but as a reminder of those who would propagandize this in America. This is the progress report of the present status of private practice: we are truly facing the fight of our lives! To Head Women Physicians Also in This Issue Private Practice The Abortion Laws page 8 page 33 Is Abortion on Demand Good Medicine? Menrium ovides the well-known antianxiety tion of chlordiazepoxide (Librium®) id water-soluble esterified estrogens, therefore relieves more symptoms an either component separately, takes care of the vasomotor mptoms as well as the emotional mptoms. except inoperable cases, and those with known hypersensitivity to chlordiazepoxide and/or esterified estrogens. 54 Arthritis Page: Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoarthri- tis. 14-15, 1970 ( Continued on Page 95 ) 2 / The Ohio State Medical Journal You know diuretics medically Short-acting diuretics may create abrupt, inconvenient waves of diuresis. Hygroton chlorthalidone usp Makes water, not waves. Hygroton is contraindicated in severe renal or hepatic diseases and, of se, if it causes hypersensitivity.

These, then, are the matters that have con- cerned us and occupied our time and attention. There is no question that the coming Con- gress will be deluged with more legislation of far greater scope and importance concerning medical matters than any Congress at any time in our history. 1 took the time to look at ours and its says: “The Board of Trustees shall have the power to make rules and regulations for the admission of patients (into the hospital) and the treatment of patients therein, as they shall see fit, and may change .... I might add that in violation of Article VI of the Standards of Accreditation of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, this particular Board of Trustees recently abrogated the rights of the Medical Staff and they them- selves wrote or caused to be written a Constitu- tion and Bylaws for the Medical Staff which was sent to each doctor for signature on or before a designated date. Use cautiously, and only when deemed essential, in fertile, pregnant or lactating pa- tients.Defaulting in the Fight for Life Only about half of the physicians in this country devote full time to the practice of medi- cine. Now my good friends, what the planners and politicians know very well but what the lay people whose hobby or civic contribution is giv- ing some time each month to the local health facility do not seem to realize is this: if the hospitals can control the doctors of the country this easily, it will be even easier for the planners and the government to step in and take over the entire medical care system when the appropriate moment is here. Caton Mc Connelsville STARK Alexander Kovac Canton SUMMIT Erlinda E. Use in Pregnancy: Thiazides cross the placenta and can cause fetal or neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, thrombocytopenia, altered carbohydrate metabolism and possibly electrolyte disturbances.We are getting “long in the tooth,” too, inasmuch as those who do practice are becom- ing older in years, on the average. And when a committee of the doctors on our staff met with a committee of the Trustees a short time ago, one of the Trustees said to me and I quote in recorded context: “The Board of Trustees of this hospital will not take direction from the doctors. bacteria You can depend on AVC — compreh therapy that combats all three major \ pathogens, alone or in combination. Fatal reactions may occur with reserpine during electroshock therapy; discontinue Salutensin 2 weeks be- fore such therapy.Administration may also be associated with uterine bleeding and/or followed by withdrawal bleeding. For a comprehensive understanding of en- vironmental problems, the researcher emphasizes it i is important to consider the stressor source, envi- ronmental pathways through which it is trans- ported, the receptor, and the ultimate effect on 1 man. Morrison says this approach to dealing with environmental problems emphasizes function- : al relationships rather than the traditional aspects f of air, water, and land pollution. Tooth staining and enamel hypo- plasia may be induced during tooth development (last trimester of preg- nancy, neonatal period and child- hood). Spencer Turner has been appointed director of the Ohio State University Health Ser- vice, to succeed Dr. The patient load in 1970-71 is expected to total some 100,000. It states: WHEREAS, The private practice of medicine is still believed to be the best method of serving mankind’s medical needs, and WHEREAS, There is presently no structure in organized medicine for the pro- motion of private practice, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Ohio State Med- ical Association encourage the formation of a Dr.He notes, “The traditional approach treats the effect of stressors and does not come up with lasting solutions to the problems rooted in the stressor base.” To evaluate the validity of the Battelle-devel- d ! Precautions: Mycotic or bacterial superinfections may occur. Category BRISTOL BRISTOL LABORATORIES Division of Bristol-Myers Co. The staff includes six full-time and 39 part- time physicians and offers services in a dozen specialties. Lieber, of Canton, is a member of The Council of the Ohio State Medical Association, as Councilor of the Sixth District, and is chairman of the OSMA Committee on Private Practice.

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COUNTg^t lot of OF MED1 a summary of whi enopausal symptoms, but only ai^\f n N t indications: Manage His wife has a please consult complete product informa- hich follows: Management of manifestations generally associated with the menopausal syndrome — anxiety and tension, vasomotor complaints and hormonal deficiency states. What really bothers him is iv nervousness, her irritability and ir excessive anxiety, often expressed r endless “book-shuffling, chain- roking, reading-lamp” insomnia! 38 Self-Evaluation Quiz (also on page 53) Special Article 7 Private Practice — Or, the Private Sector of the Health Care Delivery System 30 Student Feels Lure of General Practice Through Precep- torship Experiences Professional Activities 56 Board Ratifies Appointment of OSU Medical College Dean 57 Columbus Physician Named President-Elect of American i Medical Women’s Association 58 Columbus Physician Named to State Medical Board 59 How Accurate Is This Test?