Little black book dating david deangelo double your dating review

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The app keeps track of your date, where you went, and how the date actually turned out.

This is convenient for those who date multiple people at the same time and need a way of keeping them separated.

Great little book to study through with Christian teens who are in the wild world of dating.

It's brief, but has very practical suggestions that make it a great book to give as a gift to teens after a study about these topics.

Often times men have no clue about what to do or where to take their girlfriend/wife/s.o. This book helps with these things and makes it seem like we really care and can often lead to better relationships because of it.

If you habitually go out with so many different people that you are starting to forget who is who and where you went, then My Little Black Book made for the i Phone and i Pad Touch is what you need.

The Point My Little Black Book was created for singles to privately and progressively store their dating history.

How it Works You have a couple easy tabs to make this app simple.

First you take a ‘Contact’ from your address book and drag all the information into a file, or you can create a new one.

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Then you go to your ‘Places’ tab and enter the location.

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