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Every Tongue: The Racial and Ethnic Diversity of the Jewish People, by Diane Tobin, Gary A. They worry about the safety of their children and of the Jewish people, like you do.

Tobin, and Scott Rubin [2], analyzes diversity in ethnic, racial, religious, and other dimensions of the Jewish people, especially in the USA. As a rabbi whose passion is to assist emergent communities in the Spanish-speaking world, I was very happy to get to know these amazing Venezuelan families and honored to be their rabbi.

The head of a tiny rural community of Ugandan Jews, known as the Abayudaya, Rabbi Gershom Sizomu had made history on February 19, becoming the first Jewish candidate to win a seat in the country's Parliament.A decade before Nissim and Shyne debuted on the Orthodox African-American hip-hop scene, "kosher" rap had its voice in three major players: Yitz "Y-Love" Jordan, Reuben "Prodezra" Formey, and Raphael "Hebro" Fulcher.For the Jews of Uganda, most of whom converted under Conservative rabbis and thus are not recognized as Jewish by Israel's Orthodox Chief Rabbinate, the community center serves as a way to cement their presence in the country."It is something that the Jewish community is just discovering, and for the most part it has quite a big stigma attached." The nine converts, all indigenous Venezuelans, belong to three families.In documentation presented to the Jewish Agency in November, Rabbi Juan Mejia, a Spanish-speaking rabbi from Oklahoma who oversaw the conversions, confirmed that they had all joined the Jewish community of Valencia at his recommendation.

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After my trip to Israel, I interned at Be'chol Lashon, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco that celebrates the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of the Jewish people. I met more Jews like me, from interfaith, multicultural families.