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High post-Flood sedimentation rates could have resulted from erosion caused by high post-Flood precipitation rates (Vardiman 2003; Vardiman and Brewer 2011). A number of arguments strongly favor a catastrophist interpretation of the seafloor sediments. Oceanographers have drilled and extracted cores from these sedimentary layers, which can have combined lengths of many hundreds of meters. Since secular scientists adhere to a uniformitarian philosophy, they assume that sedimentation rates have been slow and gradual throughout earth history, and that millions of years were required for the deposition of these relatively thick layers of seafloor sediments. In the creation-Flood model, however, these sediments must have been deposited within just the last 4300 years or so since the Genesis Flood, since it is likely that the pre-Flood ocean floor was completely subducted down into the mantle during the Flood cataclysm (Baumgardner 1994). Of course, both erosion and sedimentation rates would have been orders of magnitude greater during and shortly after the Flood event, so the bulk of these seafloor sediments would have been deposited toward the end of the Flood and shortly afterward.

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However, these checks are not truly independent, as they all assume the old-earth, evolutionary paradigm.

Moreover, the different dating systems are calibrated to one another: dates assigned to the seafloor sediments are used to date the ice cores, and vice versa.

The existence of these planation surfaces is very difficult for uniformitarian scientists to explain: one expert (Twidale 1982, p.

63) noted “glaring discrepancies” between the theory of their formation and reality.

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