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I don’t think she had ever seen anyone’s dick but my own.

It was approximately 7 inches long and thick, hanging almost halfway down his muscular thighs. As he walked by us, he smiled at my wife and said hello. He disappeared into the distance giving us a view of his black muscular ass.

You would never guess she has two teenage children, or that she was 38 years old. Barb always wore her make-up, and she looked as though she visited the beauty solon seven days a week. She was just a naturally neat and elegant lady with a hair never out of place.

Her legs, thighs, and bottom are that of a 30 year old.

My sweet wife did not notice any change, but I did. With her neck high pressed blouses downplaying her figure, you would never guess she had firm, natural bosoms capped with ultra large and ultra sensitive nipples. My beautiful wife of 17 years turned around from the stove of our spacious kitchen, and hurried over to hug me as I strode across the room. She always dressed in attractive color-coordinated outfits. As we hugged and laughed, I could feel her natural D-cup breasts press into my chest.We made love only once every two months, and always with the lights off in the missionary position. As the bathroom door closed, I heard the clicking of the lock as she began to change into her beach attire.She was passionate, yet always reserved during sex. As my wife returned to preparing our dinner, I said to her, “Barb, honey I am going to celebrate my promotion by taking my lovely wife to the islands! I quickly changed into my suit and waited for my sweet wife to join me.

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If she had realized this, she would have quickly crossed her arms to cover up. Two days flew by and we found ourselves arriving on the island of Aruba in the tropical wonderland of warm sun and cool breezes. We awoke the next morning more rested and alive than we had been in years. After a late breakfast, we decided it was time to go down to the beach.