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Mormon views dating non mormons

I believe it is a cruel thing to expose a nonmember to that risk.I have received dozens of letters from heartbroken nonmembers who can't understand why the person they love ended their relationship.In isolated instances a lovely young woman might be so far removed geographically from other Church members that she would either have to marry out of the Church or stay unmarried.Some might feel justified in such circumstances in making an exception to the rule and marrying a nonmember but, justification or not, it is important to recognize that the hazards in such a marriage would remain.In other words, Latter-day Saints believe that when two people enter into temple marriage (i.e., eternal marriage) and are faithful to their covenants, then they will rise in the resurrection as a married couple and live together forever in the married state.Members are encouraged to stay away from any path which might take them away from this great blessing.If the Latter-day Saint had not violated the commandments of God by dating the nonmember, then the nonmember would not have been emotionally crushed.

(President Ezra Taft Benson, "To the Youth of the Noble Birthright", Ensign, May 1986, p.True, a small percentage have finally been baptized after marrying Church members. Others who did not join the Church were still kind and considerate and cooperative and permitted the member spouse to worship and serve according to the Church patterns.Some good women and some good men have joined the Church after the mixed marriage and have remained devout and active. But the majority did not join the Church and, as indicated earlier, friction, frustration and divorce marked a great many of their marriages.To minimize the dangers the girl should by all means make sure that she marries a man who is honorable and good, so that even if he cannot at present be brought to accept the gospel there is a fair chance of his being converted later.(The Miracle of Forgiveness, p.242) We love those few [non-members] who join the Church after marriage [to a member].

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After all, we usually fall in love with those we date.

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