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I just usually tell those guys we probably don't have much in common."That, of course, reflects issues that women also have on faith-based dating platforms.Mediha Sandhu, a 33-year-old visibly Muslim woman, told"They wanted to have inappropriate conversations and or share pictures or videos of sexual nature, and to try to 'corrupt the hijabi' because they saw it as a challenge," Sandhu noted about the men she spoke to on Muslim dating platforms."I don't get a lot of Islamophobia unless I tell people that I'm Muslim, since I'm white and don't wear hijab.On my profile, I wrote, ' Please do not message me if you are Islamophobic, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic or homophobic,'" she told , the man begins his conversation with a full-on attack: "islamophobic? It was really ridiculous."For Carly Haufe, 31, also an OKCupid user, the experience has been a varied one.Regardless of whether you're "visibly Muslim" thanks to a headscarf, the experience can be a crapshoot, particularly with attitudes toward Muslims being what they are today.For AK*, a 25-year-old Muslim woman from Chicago, her experience on OKCupid was an interesting one.Dating Sites Chicago With online dating, you can find a lot about a person (and intentions) before you ever go on a date.Chicago Dating Websites The benefits of an online service meets local There are many online dating services, and the advantage of choosing a local online dating.

"And of course, if I were visibly Muslim I'm sure I'd get a lot more messages like that."Those trolls aren't the only ones Haufe encounters, however."[Then there are] people from the ' New Atheist' set who'd like to have a 'logical discussion' with me about Islam, which invariably turns into them 'educating' me on how all religions are bad, but Islam is definitely the worst," she said.

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That's a big one."I usually end up telling [them] that they're [missing] the point of the website, and it's actually a better use of their time to try and find someone who'd they'd LIKE to talk to."And lastly, there are the "Muslim guys who want to tell me that I shouldn't be doing...