My badge dating websitre

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My badge dating websitre

This is because the Blue Badge is there to help people who either have trouble getting about or have medical conditions that make having a car nearby vital.If you have a disability or if your child is disabled or has serious special needs, you may be eligible for a Blue Badge.You’re automatically eligible for a Blue Badge if your child: Don't apply for a Blue Badge from anywhere other than your council or GOV. There are some really mean people pretending to be able to process the Blue Badge. If your child is not automatically eligible, you'll need to fill in an extra part of the application form to explain why your child needs a badge. Read our guidance below but if you’re not sure, check ahead of time.Check out the Blue Badge guide to rights and responsibilities.

There was also a facsimile of Stenson Cooke's signature – large to start with, eventually made smaller, with the word 'secretary' added. Soon the telephone number and telegraphic address appeared.If you or your child get certain benefits like high rate DLA (disability living allowance) you'll automatically be able to get a Blue Badge.The Blue Badge can travel with the person it was given to help.‘On-street’ disabled parking bays or disabled parking spaces (Signs have a blue wheelchair symbol) - You may park for free.Unless signs say otherwise, you may park without time limit. This will give you details of where and when you can park.

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