Newsequentialid error validating default physical immortality dating

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Newsequentialid error validating default

A computed column is a virtual column that is not physically stored in the table, unless the column is marked PERSISTED.

The column is computed from an expression that uses other columns in the same table.

To insert a globally unique value, create a DEFAULT definition on the column that uses the NEWID or NEWSEQUENTIALID function to generate a globally unique value.

For example, if you enter a letter as the default value of a column whose data type is bit, you will encounter this error.

I have a column in my file with the 'uniqueidentifier' datatype.

The first command works fine but the second turns out showing an error message 'error validating the default for column xxxx' Any advice on this? If that is the case, you can set the Column an Identity column and primary key.

Whenever you insert new record into the table, Identity column will be automatically incremented by 1 or predefined value that you set I put this in VS 2010 column properties of my table, in Default Value or Binding.

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