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She was getting more and more vocal, as the pace quickened, and his hand slid involuntarily under his towel allowing him to gently stroke his nearly erect cock, the slippery evidence of his excitement already moistening its head.

She let out a series of gasps and he decided to move on before it all got too much and came in his towel.

He was given some helpful advice including the fact that sometimes nothing happened and sometimes there was plenty of action for all.

His wife joined in with a few comments from time to time.

He took his towel from round his waist, hung it on a peg and tried to find a seat among all the bodies, slightly conscious of his semi erect cock.

His first port of call was the giant Jacuzzi with its bubbling water and multiple naked bodies.He sat openly on his towel while he toyed with his semi erect cock. This area was curtained off to prevent the light from outside reflecting off the glass partition and spoiling the view. Were they fucking or did he have his tongue buried deep in her pussy. It was Impossible to tell but that was all part of the excitement. He also knew, from the closed door, that they didn't want to be watched, which made listening all the more exciting.His eyes adjusted slowly but apart from one couple enjoying the delights of cunnilingus there was not much to see. Then the noises got louder and gave way to the unmistakable sounds of a couple fucking.Well actually, he reflected, that's exactly what it was: natural.The action continued slowly, no quickies here, so he decided to go and see what was going on else where.

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We hold regular monthly parties and social events around the UK, these are a great way for people to come along and break the ice by having a fun day or night out, a few drinks and a giggle, maybe a BBQ if the sun is shining, but always no pressure and just great fun!!

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