Old smith wesson serial number dating

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Old smith wesson serial number dating

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are smooth rosewood panels with a varnish finish; the finish appears to be original, with areas of scrape and scuff wear; the lower flanks have shaved off material, looking to have been done long ago.

The panels have nice fit to the grip frame and are free of visible cracks or major damages.

The surfaces have dark patina and light erosion, with some scattered bruises and what appears to be hand cleaning, done at different intervals throughout history, with no recent cleaning.

The frame has spots of deeper erosion, but overall the pistol still looks great for its age, please see our pictures.

If all else fails I will join and seek the info on the S&W site above. It is possible I got in contact with the custom shop...

Continue Reading The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson is available directly through Smith & Wesson.Barrel Length: 6ā€, Octaongal Sights / Optics: The front sight is a half-moon rounded blade, appearing to be German silver, slotted into the fluted rib of the barrel.The top of the cylinder stop leaf has a ā€œVā€ notch as a rear sight.for the factory offers a "Letter of Authenticity" for your pistol. (No they wouldn't convert it...) Thanks huntinguy, I'll call them monday. You may be able to find a kit gun with a snub barrel or you could snub it yourself. Id=10504 other than that, ive heard its hard to date a s w exactly due to them using a strange numbering system. Why don't you reline the barrel and make a new cylinder??? I ended up with dads guns and gave the kit gun to my sister. My daughter (13) shot it a few times then it went back to its owner.

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The pistol has survived quite well for its potential roll in American history, these items were mostly carried concealed, which attributes to most of the wear on this item; it was probably a cutting edge and trusted sidearm for its original owner, who would have been proud to have it; this will apply to any new owner.