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The thing is, he was in the shed secretly watching transsexual porn when I was in the house waiting for him to come in, and I was more than willing to have sex.When I found out I almost broke up with him, not because of the porn content but because he was making me wait. He promised he wouldn’t be watching porn secretly in a shed when I am at his house (3 days a week) and making me wait to have sex.I don’t want to compete with other women, in how we look, or parent, or by the success of our kids.I need friends who believe the best of me, even when I’m at my worst; friends who cheer me on every step of a new adventure and cry with me when I shoulder pain; friends who show up with a bottle of wine after a bad day and coffee after a sleepless night.An online search gives the details of several sites with the details of swinging couples and groups – rather than clubs – in Malta.One site mentions “Couples (both bi and straight) and bi-females most welcome.” Single males, however, are generally discouraged from joining in with the activities.As in a woman with a penis, except they don’t even do a very good job looking like women.I have talked to him about this and he says that he was very worried that he was gay at one point and still doesn’t really understand the reasons he likes this porn. I sort of understand because I occasionally watch lesbian porn.

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We’ve bared our souls in every way and kept secrets safe from the outside world.

Whitney is the mom to three tween daughters, a communications consultant and blogger.

In Malta, with the country having an outwardly-conservative society, there are no publicly advertised swingers clubs or sex shops per se.

In the past, when a lot of military were based on the island, Strait Street in Valletta could well have provided an opportunity to take part in more adventurous sexual activity, but today, the scene is more underground.

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I have three active teens/tweens, a full-time job, a husband who travels and a high maintenance dog that demands loads of attention. On bad days, I’m holding it together with duct tape and a prayer.

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