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"When you’re dealing with stuff that’s 'only' in real life it doesn’t carry the pressure of your date having to live up to an image you’ve cultivated on an app," a natural tendency for many users.

The moral panic surrounding online dating is as old as the tools themselves, with people rallying against the throwaway connections (read: casual sex), dishonest and creepy behaviour they breed. On the other hand, lots of people are burning out on the experience," he told us.

However, with a valid discussion around harassment happening right now, men may understandably hold back.”But there are advantages of only ever meeting someone IRL, Quinn adds.

"First, you'll know faster if there’s physical attraction and basic compatibility.

"I haven't been on as many dates since, but that’s kind of the point.

There's a tendency with dating apps to rush into a first date to avoid wasting time chatting through the app, which inevitably leads to a string of underwhelming dates."The biggest benefit of having an IRL-only rule?

People used to go out and looked for love at very specific times and places.And not just because of the glut of choice and hard graft often required for success."I started hating everyone on Tinder and what I'd become on there.While most people prefer meeting someone in this way, no one knows how to go about it.Women have been traditionally taught to have a passive role in dating and that the man should make the first move.

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