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Online sex chat free with no sigh up

She didn't want her sleeping with the boys and thought a cot would be too uncomfortable. As I turned off the light I smiled at her and she returned the smile. I was a little horny and having Beth so close didn't help. I smiled at her and said, "Its time I teach you a new game. She didn't resist so I continued while watching her face. They gently touched the head of my cock and got a little wet from my juices. I woke up during the night and found Beth up against me. Probing lower I discovered she was wet and my finger slipped easily into her vagina. After a few minutes I moved my hips pulling my cock out a few inches then sending it back in. I had never lasted twenty minutes inside a female before and I still wasn't ready to cum. I knew she couldn't see what I was doing so I wasn't worried. I wasn't at all happy with the idea but it was hopeless for me to object. I've never touched her and I had no desire to end up in prison. "Since we both can't sleep maybe we can have some fun," I whispered. I gently placed her hand on my hard cock and put her fingers around its thick shaft. I saw the puzzled look on her face and I smiled at her. I was lying on my side facing her; my cock was hard and pressing against her butt. We spent another day at Disney land and had lots of fun. "Very much," I answered while squeezing Beth's hand. I heard her move and knew she was rolling to her other side facing away. It was strange because we had taken the vacation for the children. I was sure that my wife was still awake and that made what I was doing that much more exciting. The tension inside me was becoming substantial so I remained still. Still, I didn't doubt that she would be extremely upset if she knew I moved my hips back then forward. I kept repeating the movement enjoying the feeling of the pressure building inside me. We got ready for bed, each of us using the bathroom. Still, I couldn't help thinking about her pussy so close and totally forbidden. I saw the look of surprise but she didn't pull her hand away. "Guy's leak lubricating juices when they get aroused. I'm sure its getting a little wet right now," I whispered. Gathering my courage I reached over and placed my hand on her hip. I felt the bulge of her hot pussy through the thin fabric of her panties and gently pressed my finger against its split. The tension inside me was growing too fast so I moved slower. I began fucking her faster and grinding against her pussy. Ecstasy engulfed my mind as a huge squirt of cum exploded from my cock. My body emptied its load quickly flooding her vagina. Again we visited the pool after we got back to the Hotel. We had to leave early the next morning so we went to bed early. Releasing Beth's hand I reached over to caress her breast through her nightshirt. I wanted to fuck her but knew that she could be fertile. So far Beth had remained quiet and hadn't put up any real resistance. I could feel myself getting ready to cum and stopped right before it happened. She was whispering so she didn't want to wake her mother. My wife wore a long nightshirt; Beth wore one of my old v-neck tee shirts that revealed her panties when she bent over even a little. I was certain she was a virgin and my cock grew hard just thinking about it. She explored the head of my cock and smeared my juices over it. Her finger kept exploring and I moved my hand toward her pussy expecting her to stop me. My daughter's fingers were now moving back up toward the head of my throbbing cock. Reluctantly, I removed my hand from her pussy and moved it up under her T-shirt. I didn't move enjoying the feeling of my cum surrounding my cock. Beth was lying on her back and I was on my side facing her. I turned off the light and the room plunged into darkness. When my hand touched it Beth tried weakly to push it away. I was sure she didn't want her mother to know I was having sex with her because she hadn't told her anything and she had plenty of opportunity. We were having a little contest with neither of us winning. For a moment I thought I had gone too far but I managed to hold it back. A tremendous jet like squirt of cum exploded from the head of my cock. Immediately another tremendous jet like quirt of cum left my cock. She also had to know I could very well empty those sperm into her vagina. After lunch we looked around and picked up some information pamphlets.

I heard her gasp then whisper, "Daddy, your not suppose to do that. "Daddy, it's not right you have to stop," Beth whispered. " I said as I moved out from under her legs pulling my soft cock out. " I was very excited and wanted to cum but first I was determined to get my entire cock inside her. When it was in as far as possible I forced myself to stop moving. There was absolutely no way I was going to do that. " Beth asked, as another large squirt of cum exploded from my cock and into her vagina. Rapidly, my body emptied its potent load in large jet like squirts filling her vagina with cum. "I can get pregnant," she said her voice breaking as she whispered much too loudly. "Shhhhhhhhhhh," I whispered as I moved my hips forward and my cock penetrated deeper. "I'm going to keep it in for a little while," I whispered as I began rubbing her clit. I moved my hips pulling my cock out a few inches then sending it back in. I stopped moving and a very small squirt of cum left my cock. A larger squirt if cum exploded from the head of my cock. My cock was serving its purpose exactly as intended delivering my sperm. I was sure that Beth would not be too thrilled with what I had just done and was worried she would make a scene. Incest 2008-08-08 Topic: My Disneyland Vacation This summer we went on vacation to Disneyland in Florida. My daughter Beth, who just turned fifteen and my two sons, Andy and Danny. We went on some rides together and she sat next to me at lunch. I tried not to look at her too much and swam a couple laps in the pool. I had been fucking Beth for over twenty minutes and I wondered what she was thinking. The first night we stayed at a motel and my wife had this brilliant idea that Beth should sleep between us on the king size bed. Beth lay on her back in the middle looking toward me. That night in bed I reached for Beth's hand and held it. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feel of my daughter's vagina. I wanted her to remember this night forever, I knew I would.

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The urge to penetrate her was tremendous but fear held me back. I didn't know whether she was asleep yet and one thing was certain I didn't want to be caught.