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So I get the who video chatting, maybe even using it as a first date.But I wanted to know how many people on this site use both or just the other???oo Voo is an app that lets you make free video calls, voice calls and send instant text messages to your friends and family.There are many call and messaging app available on app store and Play app but just few of them are unique; Other mobile free video calling and instant messaging apps like Oovoo, imo, Snapchat, viber, Whatsapp are the most trending ones but the most used and preferred is Oovoo app.

When you make phone calls a neat record of your calls is listed, though Skype’s history tab in the contact window is a little more convenient.You can create a Video Message in Oovoo as simple as hitting the red Record button.I am not sure how they intend on monetizing the application as it seems to still be in beta right now but they do have a webcam store with some good quality cam links so you can upgrade your video experience and quality.Visit this completes your registration and your account is ready. Having completed the Waplog sign up process, the next thing is Waplog login which is how to complete Waplog sign in. Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message.

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I just came across this slick group video chat application called oo

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