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She is working on a memoir of her own, titled One of the first season’s major plot points concerns whether or not Vause snitched on Chapman.

The state of the pair’s romance often hinges on whether Chapman thinks Vause was the informant who “named” her.

(That her mother is still alive at all is another departure from the show’s narrative.) Wolters is a software test engineer by profession, and wonders if she may soon be walking the beaches of Provincetown, Massachusetts, or riding her car down Lombard Street in San Francisco. I've had a heart attack, a five-way bypass, been judged, humbled, and hobbled, but I made it.”She pauses.“But I watched, and of course I’ll watch the rest,” she says.

Most importantly, somewhere out there, she’s hoping to find love again. When I ask if she’s a fan of the show at all, Wolters offers a truly conflicted response.

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The pair became friends around the time the Boston-raised Kerman graduated from Smith College, but stuck around town.

Both women ran in what Wolters calls “the same little Noho lesbian social circle.”“I was not Piper’s first, and I certainly did not seduce her,” Wolters says, contrary to the show’s first episode meet-cute, which gives way to the fictional Piper’s dalliance as a cash mule.

So I guess it’s a good thing Piper and Jenji stick with the fun little tidbits.”The tale of the real-life Kerman and Wolters begins in Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1991.In her version, she and Kerman did not become romantically involved until after they had trafficked either heroin or money, for a network run by the alleged Nigerian drug kingpin Buruji Kashamu.“When we were traveling together I started developing a crush on her. I was not the older sexy, glamorous lesbian who snatched her from her pristine Smith College cradle.”Eventually, Kerman parted with Wolters, met a man named Larry, and got engaged.And eventually that turned into a crazy mad love affair,” Wolters says. When the feds came knocking years later with charges related to her past cash smuggling, Kerman struck a plea.Whereas Kerman has blanketed the news promoting first her book, published in 2010, and now the show, Wolters has been on the sideline.She’s watched on as events inspired by her own life have become the subject of marathon binge-watches the world over.

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In reality, Wolters says, everyone involved in the case talked.“They had picked the first round of us up two years prior to Piper’s somewhat congenial visit from the feds,” Wolters says of the ring’s undoing.

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