Osawa takao and ayase haruka dating

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Osawa takao and ayase haruka dating

Season 2 had Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin, Hayami Mokomichi, and Mizushima Hiro, while Season 3 had Miura Haruma and Takaki Yuya.Episodic and formulaic, but a solid and entertaining motivational story.– The high school friendship drama that all high school friendship dramas should take a page from.Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) will always be my Akira until the day I die, this spacy little alien who flits around being weird and awesome.Started me on my Fukyama Masaharu love, and cemented Sakai Noriko‘s imagine as a pure as snow leading lady with a heart of gold.Her character in the drama was even named Koyuki (little snow), which now seems so ironic.

This sucker was a ratings monster and with good reason. This is Japan’s version ofand they pulled it off masterfully.Maybe I was too young since I watched it when it aired and never quite got that melancholy magic that went with it.I love it for introducing me to the hotness that was Takenouchi Yutaka.If you hit on one that you love, it might just became an all-time favorite.– Nakama Yukie plays the daughter of a Yakuza boss turned high school teacher, whipping delinquents into shape and inspiring them to embrace education and achievement.

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(Under One Roof): Season 1 and 2 – The quintessential J-family drama, about a family of 7 kids who are split up when their parents die and subsequently find their way back together years later.