Outlook 2016 shared mailbox not updating

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Is outlook not giving you an error when you do send/receive-- There are no errors in the sync issues folder No errors when I do send/receive either Perhaps this is a replication issue, between the server with the shared OAB and the mailbox servers.WE have a server running owa on it, that is where the IIS points to the OAB folder.The AD account creation and replication was also successful.However this new user is not updating on the global address books for outlook (its not there), however the address book for OWA does update.A license is not required for a shared mailbox provided you do not enable In-place Archive.If you are converting a user mailbox with an In-place archive to a shared mailbox, you'll need export the archive to a pst before converting the mailbox.I tried doing the optionsoad address book on the client and that did not change. I tried a few other outlook clients and they are doing the same thing.Another thing to note is, I also made a change on a different account.

Exchange Server 2008, .005 Server 2008 R2 Outlook client 2007, SP3 I created a new user in our exchange server.

Select Users then select the mailbox you need to convert.

It will take a few minutes to convert the mailbox to shared.

I will just let it try to replicate tonight and see what happens.

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Create a shared mailbox in Exchange or Office 365 While I’d export the mailbox to a pst for backup, delete it and add the user’s address(es) to the mailbox of the person who took over the job, it is possible to convert a mailbox to a shared mailbox.

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