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Over accomodating mother

If your parent owns a second property, you will generally not get Rent Supplement for this property unless you can prove that you are a genuine (bona fide) tenant.Sharing with your landlord: You may be entitled to get Rent Supplement if you are living in your landlord’s home. Your landlord has to fill in part of the form and provide his or her PPS number (see 'How to apply' below).You may then be transferred to HAP or to another form of social housing support.Rent Supplement will only be provided if the accommodation is suitable for your needs.

However, you will be reassessed for Rent Supplement and some of your additional income including some of your income from employment will be taken into account.(See 'Further information' below for more information on how income was assessed for Rent Supplement before 5 June 2007.) Maintenance is assessed as (see above) and maintenance payments up to €95.23 per week are assessed in full.The household income disregard (see above) applies to maintenance payments above this amount.If you were getting Rent Supplement before 5 June 2007, you can continue to have your income assessed using the old income disregards, unless the current income disregards ensure a more favourable assessment.However, if you do not claim Rent Supplement for more than 13 weeks you will be assessed using the current income disregards.

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A couple who both have State Pensions (Contributory) and no other income will also contribute €40 towards their weekly rent.