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Paradise dating agency

Its refusal to provide cathartic release is also admirable, given that the film bills itself as a melodrama.

But there is a magic in the first half -- a sense of everything clicking together in harmony -- that evaporates in the latter reels, and I don't think this was the filmmaker's intention.

From a logical or analytical standpoint, this admittedly makes for a more complex and interesting work.

Critics who trashed the film in the Korean press for its obvious faults (myself included!

) were subjected to the online wrath of a small group of passionate fans.

Later, the film flopped in its US theatrical release, though by some accounts it is doing better on DVD.

The latter part of the year might be considered a recovery of sorts, although producers and investors continued to fret about sinking profitability.

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Director Im's rebel streak -- which has given us bold sexual talk in Girls Night Out, teenage delinquency in Tears, family scandal in A Good Lawyer's Wife and political intrigue in The President's Last Bang -- manifests itself here in quieter ways: in the cat-who's-eaten-the-goldfish sparkle of Hyun-woo's eyes, or in the way the director toys with viewer expectations and sets up striking but awkward contrasts in mood.