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Pipe razor dating

As soon as she hung up, she went directly to her room, shut the door carefully, and guiltily allowed her finger free reign as she lay in the dark imagining the scene unfolding at Jim’s house.Up in his bedroom, with his pants and underpants lowered in front of the full-length mirror, Jim’s heart fluttered madly; his bottom seemed to be clear of all marks from his previous punishment.Because of its importance to the family, his father’s study was obviously a place where special rules applied.One of the rules was that everybody knocked and waited for permission before entering.As the story continues, Jim is given a naked hairbrush spanking and belt strapping by his father for underage drinking and failure to act responsibly on a recent date.His girlfriend, Sarah, wants all of the pre-spanking details.t took just over a week for Jim’s bottom to stop reminding him of his previous spanking and strapping every time he sat down.”There was an embarrassed silence on the line, then Jim finally asked, “Could you hear when your parents were spanking me?

It was a place where Jim was always welcome, yet it served as an almost holy sanctuary for his father.Jim was sweating and almost sobbing outside, sorely tempted to turn and run, when he finally heard the typewriter stop and his father’s booming voice invite him in.With the hairbrush occupying his right hand, Jim’s left hand was almost too sweaty to turn the big glass doorknob.” she asked.“My knees are shaking, but I feel that it is something I have to do,” he finally responded, “I hope I don’t chicken out, I will never feel right about myself if I do.”After a pause to imagine the enormity of what Jim just said, Sara replied, “You don’t have to do this just for me; I know you are really sorry about what happened to me.”“This is something I have to do,” Jim said, “I have to go now to check my bottom; there was just one little mark yesterday and I think it is probably clear enough now so that my father will spank me tonight when I ask him.”“Call me when it’s over?”“I don’t know,” Jim said “my father will probably make me go right to bed when he is done with me and I am going to be feeling really bad.

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With his punished bottom no longer constantly on his mind, and nothing much else to do, Jim found his thoughts dwelling more and more on his coming punishment.