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Polyamory means having multiple loving relationships, usually, but not always sexual.Unlike polygamy, people in polyamorous relationships stress the importance of open communication and equal relationships between partners whether male or female.People who are poly often stress the loving relationship over the sex.In fact, it is their ability to have multiple loving relationships with more than one partner which defines them.Polygamy in the United States and Western cultures is often associated with patriarchal religions.Polyamory is often associated with counter-culture, feminists, bisexuals and radical lesbians.There are no hotels, because people are not allowed to sleep anywhere else, not even at a friend’s house, not even f...Read More » Inside Polyamory Dating February 2017 e’ve come a long way since the last update in August 2016.

Read More » It was my first visit to London, and I wanted to hang out with some young locals. We arranged to meet at Leicester Square Garden at 9 PM.Polygamy is also sometimes called "plural marriage." Women are often subservient and have little or no rights.However, those represented in the news and on TV are not the only kinds of polygamists, and many polygamists disapprove of marrying young girls to older men.Imagine the government makes it a law that once you purchase your first house, you must live in it all your life.Not only are you prohibited from changing residence, but you also have to sleep at your own home 365 days a year.

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And in many cases, people who are polyamorous stress the importance of being ethical and caring about the feelings of everyone involved.

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