Polycom ip phone updating initial configuration

Posted by / 19-Oct-2019 07:13

Not sure how i’m to find out what firmware to upload to my tftp server, any ideas?

I have tried clearing the /tftp/ folder and dumping a few polycom 331 firmware files in there, all of them come up saying the not compatible.

Both have better pickup range then before and support additional microphones. Sound Point 560 The Sound Point IP 550 is an upgrade to the 500 line.

It includes additional features including: LCD backlight, G.722 wideband codec. The Sound Point IP 320/330 2 line IP phones were recently released.

Sound Point IP 670 looks like a color version of the 650 with added gigabit ethernet support. Sound Station IP 60 support G.722 wideband speech and Po E.It is mostly the same as the 600 but with the addition of the side slide connector with power and Ir DA for the expansion console.The expansion attendant console supports 14 additional line keys using SIP software from the 601.In particular, the 50x has different keycaps, which makes this doubly difficult. Also, there are different part numbers for regions other than NA due to power differences.The IP 500 used to support H.323, but Polycom has discontinued H.323 support on their phones.

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These are the same price as the 300 and 500, but they have more memory to accomodate growing SIP image sizes. So far, the feature differences between the 300/500 and 301/501 are minimal, however the 300/500 may not get some of the “heavier” new features.