Priscella presley dating news

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Priscella presley dating news

They parted ways, one storming out the door, leaving the other tied up on the floor next to Codey!

Catburglar ALISON REY was surprised by this turn of events, but there was little she could do!

Soon Dustin is taken to the great outdoors still tied, still gagged and wondering how he'll ever escape his vile captor!

All bad things must come to an end, and for CODEY STEELE and ROBBY ECHO that meant lying face-down on a living-room rug, their ankles tethered to nearby couches; once more their wrists were tied securely behind their backs while duct-tape over medwrap gags covered their mouths and wound around their heads.

[February 28] Tough moll Riley Reyes stashed NATHAN BRONSON in a corner, then she went off to make preparations.

While the moll was out of the room, Nathan carefully twisted his legs up into the air and attempted to open the door with his feet.

She mmphed frantically, but she was unable to warn her boyfriend in time that the intruders were still nearby!

[May 16] Private Investigator JASON GREEN had been having a difficult time in recent months.

[March 26] The vengeful boss took a new step in his sinister disciplinary campaign by stashing CODEY STEELE and ROBBY ECHO in a narrow storage closet.[April 16] Amarna has talked her hunky friend Jason into modeling for our MIB site!Here he is, first time performing, never seen anywhere else before!Bound hand and foot, the crestfallen conspirators mumbled through their tape-gags as they co-operated in attempting to free themselves.Still snared in rope, Robby and Codey edged along the carpet until they emerged from their tight quarters, then Robby managed to stand and check a pair of doors in hopes of escape...

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It gets serious as one humiliation follows another!