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After the first meter it’ll already be moving, so it’ll fall through the second meter faster and in less time.

The velocity gained is acceleration times time, so since it spends less time falling through that second meter, the falling weight spends less time accelerating and gains less speed.

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Worse, you would think that momentum would go up hand in hand with kinetic energy, when the formulas above instead show the latter going up much faster due to the exponent. I’m sure you can do some math to show why it has to be this way, but can you explain in non-math terms why kinetic energy and momentum behave this way? Gravity applies a constant force and thus a constant acceleration.

If you tie a string to that weight you could power, say, a clock.

That means that at higher speeds you gain the same amount of energy from a smaller increase in speed.

Or (equivalently) once you’re moving faster, the same increase in speed produces a greater increase in energy.

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In fact, figuring out this sort of thing is a big part of what calculus is for.