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Like JRF I wonder if you are rushing the need to know if he's "the one", somehow, and wonder how long you have known this fellow? Yeah, I know, I know--I tend to freak out prematurely about things like this.Mostly it's because I find us growing increasingly attached to each other, and if it's not right I want to break it off as soon as possible before it gets too serious.I have a masters degree in speech/language pathology, and the idea of thinking someone is more worthy as a human being than me because they have taken more courses (maybe been even more brainwashed by liberal academia, too, ya never know;)) is certainly not something I would take seriously. The apostlles, even Yahshua, didn't even have their bachelor's degrees!

DONT TELL MY MOM I SAID THAT ;) Wait and see doll your freaking out wayy too soon!

There was this guy that liked me a while ago that was an MD/Ph D that she was VERY enthusiastic about even though I pretty much couldn't stand him.

*sigh* Basically, I believe the things she values and prioritizes are rather superficial and often FAR from the things that our Creator values.

Yet, He has given us this commandment to honor our mother and father, which confuses me at times. and now she's telling everyone she's got 3 children instead of 2, even though they only differ 11 years........

Basically, I know what the answer should be---to stop taking my mother's words as God's and just chill out---but for some reason I feel guilty about it and am seeking more voices and opinions on this board. she didn't even want to see him on a webcam or talk to him online! she's crazy about him, makes stuff for him and buys his favourite food for him (fresh salmon that we can't afford)...... compared to this marriage, my first one was no marriage at all!

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My mother is inordinately picky--the guy has to have a degree in a science/engineering/business field (i.e.