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In the case of a fictional character being the cause of a real-world or alternate canon event, see Been There, Shaped History. The real version of the characters may discover the fictional version of the real work, or vice versa.The author may even imply that the fictionalized version is no more fictional than the outer layer, or that both shows are fictional to each other in a stable fictional loop.

Similar to The Legend of Zelda by dungeon and sword-play.This often leads to Retcon, Mind Screw, or "Rashomon"-Style, and may even allow the characters to criticize the author or the work itself.More casually they may jocularly inform the audience or the Audience Surrogate that it's not quite how it really happened, and that the story you've been reading This trope is related to the Literary Agent Hypothesis with a touch of Retcon and Story Within A Story for good measure. Because there seems to be some confusion between Recursive Canon and Direct Line to the Author, the distinction is as follows: the rest of the work, or the world of the work may "exist" inside it; this is a version known as Transfictionality.We also have a page for Adult interactive Fiction for smut made by non-Japanese writers.ZONE games aren't really games, but sweet Jesus does 4chan love them and each one is well-made. Another Illusion game, so it's good stuff as usual.

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Not much to do besides kill some monsters and A community-made spiritual successor to Hentai High School.

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