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Seattle area dating sites

He was all dressed up in his fancy uniform, and had on all the medals and everything. But the crowd took up Alki Avenue all the way from 59th down to 64th.

All over the promenade and up the back streets—just a huge crowd.

“I was eight years old when we moved [the obelisk]. I wrote something about the pioneers coming here and drew a picture of pioneers and Indians, I guess. But my contribution was chosen to go into the time capsule…The day that they dedicated it, they had a huge ceremony there…Every child in West Seattle from the schools was there.

It was across the street from the [Stockade] Hotel and they moved it over on the waterfront. A lot of parents and everybody else, and the master of ceremonies was General Douglas Mac Arthur.

[...] We didn’t know it then, but those days at Foxxxes were truly the last days of disco, whose revival had been born of the Clinton administration’s easy excess.

Doris Nelson lived in the log house and ran the restaurant for decades, and her antique decoration and homestyle dining turned the Homestead into a favorite for community events.

After another change in ownership, the log house is currently undergoing badly-needed renovations.

You don’t need to hang around West Seattle too long to hear people mentioning the Homestead and wondering when it’ll be back open.

Rachel Kessler, a Central District resident, recently found out that she has family history in the neighborhood: “The address of the old synagogue [where my grandfather was buried] is right where the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute stands.

I locked my bike to a stop sign and climbed the stairs to the formal western entrance.

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